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[Verse 1]

I only wanted to have fun

Learning to fly, learning to run

I let my heart decide the way

When I was young


Deep down I must have always know

That this would be inevitable

To earn my stripes I’d have to pay

And bear my sould 


I know i’m not the only once 

Who regrets the things they’ve done

Sometimes i just feel, it’s only me

Who can’t stand the reflection that they see

I wish i could live a little more 

Look up to the sky, not just the floor 

I feel like my life is flashing by

And all I can do is watch and cry


I miss the air, I miss my friend

I miss my mother, I miss it’s when

Life was a party to be thrown

But that was a million years ago


[Verse 2]

When  I walk around all of the streets

Where  I grew up and found my feet

They can’t look me in the eyes

It’s like they’re scared of me

I try to think of thinks to say

Like a joke or a memory

But they don’t recognize me now

A light of day.